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When viewing history free of preconceptions, we realize that the cast of characters who built the global scale of knowledge that we enjoy today, is broader than what we have been taught. One particular aspect of human history that is somehow overlooked is the contribution of the Islamic civilization to the shaping and development of the Western thought. Equally descending from the Antiquity, the Islamic civilization existed not only in geopolitical rivalry but also in economic cooperation and cross-fertilization with the Mediterranean cultures.

This extrordinary civilization was developed in the part of the world that stretched from Spain to China, registering one of the most important paths in the culture of scientific evolution of man. Great scientists, man and woman of Islam, who for centuries studied the works of ancient civilizations but more over discovering new methods, they produced possitive and innovative work that laid the foundation for the development of the West in the form we know today, contrasting the dark ages of Europe with the Golden Age of Islam.

The MOHA Research Center strives to Research the history and interaction of the pre-Renaissance Mediterranean civilizations and reinsert through educational initiatives the Islamic contributions upon the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of our modern world.

At a time of increasing xenophobia and extremism, we believe that mutual recognition, acceptance, and respect between people, is the only way to counter violence and fanaticism that stand in the way of progress and development and I invite you to share our vision.

I hope you will enjoy navigating through our pages.


Anna Missirian Tzouma