MOHA Research Center was founded in 2006 in Kavala as a research institution and is officially recognized by the Greek state (Government Gazette Article 3/par.2 of Law 4310/2014).

Its primary objective is is to promote the multiculturalism of the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan countries, as well as to encourage interreligious and intercultural dialogue through the contribution of scientific, artistic and educational activities.

MOHA is based and operates in two important monuments of the city of Kavala, Imaret and the house of Mohamed Ali.

The restoration of Imaret and Mohamed Ali’s house included the landscaping of both monuments. The two buildings offer now large clusters of urban gardens resulting in reduced air pollution and thus improved air quality in their immediate surroundings. The densely planted trees provide shelters for countless birds while the planting was designed to attract insect pollinators.

The maintenance of the gardens in the two monuments is strictly eco-friendly and specific procedures are followed.