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Bayezid Mosque Fire

The Research Center Mohammed Ali (MOHA) expresses its deepest regret upon learning of the fire that devastated the Bayezid Mosque situated at Didymoteicho (Prefecture of Evros, Greece). A unique monument of early Ottoman architecture dating to the turn of the 14th to the 15th century that overlooked the city of the Didymoteicho and the valley of river Evros for centuries, a reminder of an important transitional period of European history and an exceptional work of human intelligence, the Bayezid Mosque is now seriously damaged.

Despite its significant responsibilities, it is the task of the Greek State to investigate into the causes of the fire.

Together with several other people and scientific establishments from Greece and abroad, MOHA is at the disposal of the Greek State to assist it in its tasks whilst remaining a vocal critic of delays, lack of initiative and voluntary as well as involuntary omissions.

Being the meeting point of cultures and having a rich cultural heritage from several eras, the region of Evros cannot be deprived of the monument for long. The sad incident of the fire cannot and should not be used as an excuse to pursue clandestine aims.

Given its constant position in favour of an equal promotion of the cultural heritage of “the other” and of intercultural dialogue, MOHA will contribute in any possible way to the restoration of the monument.






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