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“Economic Crisis - Effects on Mental Health and Social Cohesion”

Subject: Speech “Economic Crisis - Effects on Mental Health and Social Cohesion”


Research Center Mohammed Ali (MOHA), would like to present the speech entitled “Economic Crisis – Effects on Mental Health and Social Cohesion”, of the professor of Psychiatry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ms. Melpomeni Malliori, which will take place in the Grande Salle of Imaret Kavala, on Monday 22 May 2017.

Economic crisis affects mental health, not only of the mentally ill, but of the healthy ones as well. For example, people that suddenly lost their jobs, face severe stress and develop various mental problems.

Greece couldn’t be an exception of that international data. Poverty and unemployment are the two major risk factors that increase the percentage of depression, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety disorders, suicides, even premature mortality. Especially for the young unemployed people the risk of developing mental problems is higher compared to that of the young people that have a job.

Those consequences are generalized and cover the majority of the population regardless their gender, age, religion, or their cultural environment.

In what way will multicultural societies be affected in topics such as: peaceful coexistence, social cohesion, mutual respect?

The answer that will occur for that question is a challenge, especially for our country, which has a great tradition in hospitality, meaning the friendly attitude towards the ‘outsider’. 

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