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Towards a new Crusade?

By Dr. Evangelos Venetis*

Although everyone does not accept the aggravation and acceleration of the looming clash of civilizations, this is a reality and so far there have been no signs of improvement. On the contrary evidence suggests that things are getting worse day by day. The non-Muslim-Christian communities in the Islamic world in the Middle East and the Muslim communities in Europe are at the centre of this conflict. The unprecedented persecution suffered by Christians in the Middle East from the extreme political Islam of the Sunni Caliphate has made the war drums beating in many extreme Christian circles of the political godless West.

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Intercultural dialogue in the gardens of Kavala's Imaret

Imaret - Luxury hotel & Cultural center - Kavala, GreeceImaret - Luxury hotel & Cultural center - Kavala, GreeceBy Dr. Evangelos Venetis*

Events such as the international conference titled “Aspects of Islamic Gardens: Multi-meanings of Paradise,” which was held in Kavala on October 11 and 12, are a major contribution to intercultural dialogue.

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