A Tour of the House of Mohammed Ali


MOHA Publications, Copyright © 2020
Writer: Fani – Maria Tsigakou
Translation: Alexandra Douma
Design: Andreas Georgiadis
Photos: Vasiliki Palaiologou & MOHA Research Center’s archive
Printed by Mikri Arktos Publications
ISBN 978-960-8104-82-2

The book is available in the Mohammed Ali’s Museum gift shop or after contacting to [email protected].



About the publication

Mohammed Ali’s mansion, constructed around 1780, was the largest and most luxurious residence in the city of Kavala at that time. It is considered one of the most splendid extant examples of 18th century Ottoman architecture in Greece. The book A Tour of the House of Mohammed Ali provides the reader with information about the architectural structure, use, history and significance of the monument, while awakening interest in the notorious personality of Mohammed Ali Pasha.