Our objective is to translate MOHA’s vision and mission into reality.
  • The study of the history and the interaction of the Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle East civilizations, and their impact upon the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of the modern world. 
  • The systematic study, recording, documentation and maintenance of the cultural diversity, which is found in the modern world and in the wider area of the Mediterranean and the near East. 
  • Encourage the Islamic and the Western world to become more understanding of each other by generating social cohesion, cultural awareness and mutual respect. 
  • Share the belief that a peaceful coexistence of the people can only be achieved through the study of history and the mutual recognition of common values. 
  • Foster young students to view scientific and technological innovation as a positive and constructive channel of the personal expression of beliefs, and as an alternative to social or religious isolation. 
  • Promote science and learning as an alternative to negative or extremist behaviors.
  • Make policy makers understand that scientific and technological heritage can act as a bridge between communities, thereby increasing domestic social cohesion and inter-cultural respect. 
  • Unite people against “violence in the name of religion” by highlighting the importance of common cultural paths.