Islamic Gardens – Multi Meanings of Paradise


MOHA Publications, Copyright © 2019
Edited by Despoina Zavraka
Designed by Ioannis Tsigkas
Printed by Kapa Publishing House
Supported by DAI, Dar al-Althar al-Islamiyyah
ISBN 978-618-82099-0-9

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About the publication

Following the relevant conference, the publication features essays, perspectives and installations that explore a vast cultural and scientific field. The book brings together eminent academics and distinguished scholars and comes with a genealogy of references that can help readers to dip into diverse aspects of Islamic gardens.

Intriguing ESSAYS by Nasser Rabbat (Aga Khan professor MIT), Michel Conan (former director Dumbarton Oaks), Yasser Tabbaa (Scholar, independent), Nikos Kalogirou (Emeritus Professor AUTh), Emma Clark (garden designer), Shaha Parpia (Scholar, University of Adelaide), Velika Ivkovska (Scholar, TU Istanbul), Kindaa Tabbaa (Scholar, NDU), Dina Baroud (Assistant Professor, NDU)

Diverse PERSPECTIVES by Aggeliki Ziaka (Assistant Professor, AUTh) & Nikos Katopodes (Professor, University of Michigan)

INSTALLATIONS by Irini Gonou (artist), Anastasios Tellios (architect), Kyriaki Goti (architect), and Nikolaos Xenos (architect)