The Greek state and the Muslims of Western Thrace



Writer: George Kalantzis
Published by Themelio Publications
With the support of MOHA Research Center and EKEM
Copyright © 2016
Language: Greek

ISBN: 978-960-310-384-4

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About the publication

The Muslim minority of western Thrace is one of the few native Muslim minorities in Europe. Despite the fact that it is basically a conservative community, committed to Islam, extreme groups have never appeared and its conservatism never turned to fundamentalism. The main reason for this successful progress is the Greek policy, not only during the first crucial years of Greek domination from 1920 to 1928, but as early as 1912 and the experiences of the Balkan wars. This edition examines the past by attempting to investigate the origins of the formation of Greek policy for the Muslim minority of Thrace and answers the question of the causes that shaped the present situation.