Publications AND Studies

MOHA Research Center has published works in both Greek and English. Its collection contains museum and exhibition catalogs, historical books, as well as editions dedicated to the conferences that MOHA has implement and hosted. Developed in close collaboration with the writers, these publications feature essays on history and culture, and aim to present and preserve the cultural heritage, found in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, in a strictly non-religious, non-political environment.

A Tour of the House of Mohammed Ali by Fani-Maria Tsigkakou

Islamic Gardens – Multi-meanings of Paradise

The Greek state and the Muslims of Western Thrace

Limited edition works

MOHA Research Center also creates limited edition works with its artists: Takeshi Kitano’s animal vases, David Lynch’s lithographs, Andrea Branzi’s artist’s book, and even Daido Moriyama’s lithographs. These limited edition works can be discovered in the Fondation Cartier bookstore.