“Romeyka” A fieldwork-based exhibition on the past & present of Romeyka in Turkey

The exhibition, which will last from 29.3 – 28.4.2024, strives to inform the public about the history of Romeyka, a Greek language still spoken in Turkey, and enhance public awareness around the endangered status of Romeyka in contemporary Turkey and its closest cognate, namely, Pontic Greek in Greece. Romeyka is currently spoken by a number […]

International symposium “Bektashis and Alevis in the Balkans and Anatolia”, in Imaret

MOHA Research Center organized the International Symposium “Bektashis and Alevis in the Balkans and Anatolia: worldviews and practices through ages and places” which took place in the Imaret of Kavala, from November 3 to 5. Diving into the fascinating worlds of Alevism and Bektashism, the symposium explored the spiritual, historical and anthropological dimensions of two […]