Educational program “Bees” in the garden of Mohammed Ali’s Museum


Educational program

Location: Mohammed Ali’s Museum view map

Schedule: Thursday to Monday, 10:00-14:30

About the educational program

The Mohammed Ali’s Museum offers large spaces of urban gardens, which contribute to the reduction of atmospheric pollution and further to the improvement of the air in the environment around them. At the same time, the trees with their dense foliage provide shelter to countless birds, while the planting was designed to attract pollinating insects. The presence of significant floral diversity allows many bees to find shelter, food and to reproduce.

The educational game “Bees” is addressed to school groups and students of all ages. It is taking place every spring and autumn in the museum’s garden. With a guidance of a map, the children follow the bee’s route through the museum’s gardens to its hive. They find the labels of the pollinating plants and fill in their names in the crossword puzzle, learning about their unique properties and uses.

The children play and discuss, acquiring knowledge about the bee and nature, as well as the adoption of a sustainable environmental attitude. Why bees are important? How many kinds of bees exist? What threatens the bees? How we can protect them? What is a garden – urban shelter?