Exhibition “Fire Diaries” by Kostas Karakitsos, in Imaret

9 December 2022
 - 8 January 2023

MOHA Research Center presented in Imaret the retrospective exhibition of the ceramist Kostas Karakitsos, “Fire Diaries 1982-2022”. The exhibition included works from the 40 years of the artist’s career. The collection, harmoniously arranged in the spaces of the monumental complex, was developed in five sections, where ceramic works of the creator – artistic and utilitarian – and paintings were presented.

Clay figures, vessels and colorful paintings add movement and color to the tranquility and beauty of the enclosed gardens and halls of the building. In the garden with the orange trees, the Women of Kostas Karakitsos stand humbly and offer their symbolic gifts. In the mosque, under the light of the candles, the Travelers in long robes and hats stare the abstract, colorful forms of the paintings on the walls. The reception hall gets dressed by the artist with plates, bowls and jugs, denoted of the usability of the ceramic art. Floral motifs and abstract designs in bright colors adorn everyday utensils.

Kostas Karakitsos lives and has his workshop in Avramylia, outside the city of Kavala. The idea and its imprinting through the clay is of primary importance to the creator. Along with ceramics, he also finds expression in painting. The human figures he creates are forms with simple, long narrow lines, with arms that express movement and wonder, round heads, with an absence of features. The artist has exhibited in galleries both in Greece and abroad. He teaches ceramics to groups of students in his workshop.