Painting exhibition “Ode to the Old City” of Lela Grassou

15 July 2021
 - 19 August 2021

MOHA Research Center presented a new painting exhibition at the Mohammed Ali’s Museum.

The painter Lela Grassou created an “Ode to the Old City”, capturing on her canvas the most historic side of Kavala, the peninsula of Panagia. In her new creative work, the artist immortalized the picturesque district with its imposing mansions and historical monuments. The rocky cape, where the city flourished for centuries, became the colorful scene of the art collection. From the Byzantine aqueduct to the Ottoman Imaret, every corner of the Old City bears the marks of an old urban glory and a past multiculturalism.

Lela Grassou was born and raised in Kavala. She is married to Andreas Grassos. She has been a trader for 40 years. In recent years, she has made her talent and love for painting a reality. Hours, days of patience brought the themes into life with colors on the canvas and filled her life with the joy of creation. She has taken part in 8 group exhibitions and the “Ode to the Old City” is her 4th personal one. Lela Grassou’s technique comes from persistent searches and gives an amazing impression of accuracy and richness, analysis and intense sensitivity. The images that emerge from the inks of the painter, are imbued with elements of lyricism and nostalgia.

The exhibition was hosted at the Mohammed Ali’s Museum from July 15 to August 19, 2021.

Days & hours of visits: Thursday to Monday 10:00-14:00, Wednesday and Friday 19:00-21:00