Presentation of the book Ragias. Days and Nights 1821 of Giannis Kalpouzos

19 October 2021

MOHA Research Center and the Eklogi Bookstore presented the new book of Giannis Kalpouzos Ragias. Days and Nights 1821, published by Psychogios, in an event that took place on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 19:00, in Imaret Hotel. The author himself, Mrs. Anna Missirian, Mrs. Georgia Triantafyllidou and Mr. Vassilios Asimenios discussed about the historical novel.

A love story begins in pre-revolutionary Greece. The plot evolves through the major battles of the Greek Revolution until the creation of the Greek state. The greatness, along with the dark side of the uprising, the role of the simple and insignificant fighters, the disputes, the betrayals and the friendships are revealed brilliantly from the pen of the writer.

Giannis Kaplouzos was born in the village of Melates in Arta in 1960 and lives in Athens. He has written poetry collections, lyrics, short stories and novels. In 2009 he was honored with the Readers’ Award of the National Book Center for the novel Imaret, which was translated into many languages and made him very popular within the reading public.

Cover image: “Failed opperation” by Henri Decaisne, The Benaki Museum