“Romeyka” A fieldwork-based exhibition on the past & present of Romeyka in Turkey

29 March 2024
 - 28 April 2024


Location: Mohammed Ali’s Museum view map

Schedule: Thursday to Monday, 10:00-14:30

About the exhibition

The exhibition, which lasted from 29.3 to 28.4.2024, informed the public about the history of Romeyka, a Greek language still spoken in Turkey, and enhance public awareness around the endangered status of Romeyka in contemporary Turkey and its closest cognate, namely, Pontic Greek in Greece. Romeyka is currently spoken by a number of communities across the Trabzon region of Turkey and it presents us with an invaluable linguistic and sociocultural imprint which is soon to become extinct.

Based on long-term ethnographic work in the Black Sea, the exhibition generated further reflections on endangered heritages and collective memory, as well as helped us get a better grasp of localised experiences and how these can transform into cross-national ones; intergenerational stories of co-existence and displacement; and alternative modalities of being and belonging.

Curated by Prof. Ioanna Sitaridou, University of Cambridge and Queens’ College


University of Cambridge

Arts & Humanities Research Council

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHRC) Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

In partnership with:

Exeter College Oxford

British School at Athens

MOHA Research Center