Three Caricaturists of “Kathimerini” newspaper in Imaret

1 December 2018

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of “Kathimerini” newspaper, MOHA Research Center addressed a meeting invitation to its three caricaturists, Andreas Petroulakis, Elias Makris and Dimitris Chantzopoulos. The event took place on Saturday, December 1st, at 19:00, in Imaret’s Reception hall, in Kavala. The discussion was coordinated by the newspaper’s journalist, Margarita Pournara.

In the recent years, the three caricaturists enrich “Kathimerini”’s pages with their humorous sketches, commenting on the political reality. The three of them talked about satire limits, humor in the era of crisis and the appearance of the political correctness while presenting several of their past caricatures.

Andreas Petroulakis was born in 1958 and has studied medicine. He is a self-taught cartoonist. Since 2000 he has been working in “Kathimerini” newspaper. He has worked in many newspapers (“Proti”, “Ethnos”, “Mesimvrini”) and magazines (“Anti”, “Metro”, “Klik”, “Men”, “Galera”) and has participated in many group and individual exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Ilias Makris was born in 1956 in Athens. He studied painting and engraving in Berlin and in Braunschweig, Germany. Since 1981, he has been living in Athens and working in “Kathimerini” newspaper. Since 1983, he has been professionally involved in the political caricature. He has worked in the newspapers “Ethnos”, “To Vima” and since 1988, he is a permanent caricaturist of “Kathimerini” newspaper. Ten albums have been published with his caricatures.

Dimitris Hantzopoulos was born in 1956 in Patra. He studied physics at the University of Athens and animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada. Since 2015, he works as a caricaturist in “Kathimerini” newspaper. He has also published many books in Agra Publications.