29 March 2024
 - 28 April 2024

“Romeyka” A fieldwork-based exhibition on the past & present of Romeyka in Turkey

The exhibition, curated by Prof. Ioanna Sitaridou, strives to inform about the history of Romeyka, a Greek language still spoken in Turkey, and enhance public awareness around the endangered status of Romeyka in contemporary Turkey and its closest cognate, namely, Pontic Greek in Greece.

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International symposium “Bektashis and Alevis in the Balkans and Anatolia”, in Imaret

Diving into the fascinating worlds of Alevism and Bektashism, the symposium explored the spiritual, historical and anthropological dimensions of two intertwined mystical traditions with roots in the Persian Khorasan that were shaped and later flourished in Anatolia and the Balkans after the 14th century until the present day.

Conference “Augmented reality (ICE) and recording of the cultural heritage in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace”

The region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace stands out for its long-standing social and religious coexistence of people with diverse linguistic, cultural and religious identities. MOHA Research Center organized the conference “Augmented reality (ICE) and recording of the cultural heritage in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace”, which took place in Imaret.

Event “Urban shelter for bees” at the gardens of Mohammed Ali’s Museum

The nature around us is changing and the ecological crisis is becoming more severe every day. As a result, our era marks a disastrous loss of bee populations worldwide. The garden of the Mohammed Ali’s Museum is transformed into an urban shelter for bees with crops and practices that attract them.

Presentation of the book “ADRIAS – They were all heroes” by Margarita Pournara, in Imaret

MOHA Research Centre and the NGO Cyclops presented Margarita Pournara’s book “ADRIAS, They were all heroes. The Biography of the Legendary Destroyer”. During World War II, the destroyer “ADRIAS” wrote one of the most historic pages of heroism of the Greek Navy. Despite its enormous destruction, the ship and its crew members managed to reach the port of Alexandria in a heroic voyage.

Exhibition “Caricatures” at the Mohammed Ali’s Museum

MOHA Research Centre and the newspaper “Kathimerini” presented the exhibition “Caricatures”. A selected series of sketches by the caricaturists Dimitris Hantzopoulos, Andreas Petroulakis and Ilias Makris were displayed at the Mohammed Ali’s Museum. Their compositions, beyond humour and political commentary, have a multi-layered reading and artistic interest.

The Spice Trade Route

One of the oldest trades is the spice trade which played an important political, historical and cultural role over the centuries. It all started with the great explorations in the East. Merchants, sailors, explorers and travellers brought exotic spices to the West via the old caravan routes, from the Far East and Asia to Europe. The distance that separated the old continent from their countries of origin made the spices particularly valuable, so much so that the value of some of them approached that of gold.